There comes a time when just cleaning the surfaces or running a vacuum through the interiors or by just polishing the exterior of an aircraft or helicopter ends up not being ‘good enough’. What we at ‘The Bike & Car Salon’ undertake is a deep, thorough detailing (cleaning & treating) of the Interiors, Exteriors, Cockpit, Rotors . . . of these aircrafts, to bring back that ‘New Look and Feel’ it really deserves.

All the products used for detailing are professional A-grade Aviation detailing products approved worldwide, imported by us, as per the requirement on your aircraft. Please find enclosed details of the products and their actual purpose in the field of International Aviation Detailing.

Detailing Process


Helicopter: Work Force - Team of 4 experienced operation personnel with 1 supervisor
Time Duration: (Helicopter 6 – 10 seater) - approx 10 hrs

Aircraft: Work Force - Team of 5 experienced operation personnel with 1 supervisor
Time Duration: (Corp. Jet-Falcon/Citation/Challenger/Hawker etc) - approx 12 – 15 hrs

All miscellaneous approvals & compliances from DGCA, Airport Authority of India, Airport passes
(7 nos.), Basic Infrastructure such as step ladders, water, power etc. would have to be undertaken & provided by the client/ firm.

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