(We do not wet clean as it sometimes results in the shrinkage of the fabric or carpet, & may also damage leather extensively. We have special A-Grade drycleaners with conditioners, specifically to be utilized for different fabrics or leather and also special stain removers wherever required.)

(Please note that we do not guarantee 100% stain removal as it mainly depends on the degree & characteristic of the stain in proportion to the condition of the fabric or leather to be drycleaned)

Odor Neutralization & Deodrisation

Wood Guard

(We will also be supplying a quantity of enhancer as per the detailing work done, which can be hand applied and buffed on these above wooden surfaces post detailing once a month or so, so that the wood guard stands protected and therefore you need not get the furniture polished very regularly. Even then with an accidental spill, all you need would be to soak the spill up first & then just use the enhancer to bring the radiance in the polish back)

Scotch Guard

(The fabric will first have to be dry cleaned & odor neutralized before it being scotch guarded)

(Special Micro fibre detailing napkins supplied on request subject to availability & rate)

Disinfection Of Mold, Mildew, Fungi & Bacteria From Ac Ventilation System


Work Force:4 6 Personnel + 1 supervisor
Time Duration: Depends on the size of the Yacht @ Work Shift of 12 hours a day

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